1962: Slaughterhouse chandelier
Cattle walking the last mile to this slaughterhouse are treated to this dazzling, but incongruous display of light before the end in Gross-Umstadt near Darmstadt, West Germany, on November 29, 1962. The chandelier came from a nearby factory that did not have room to assemble it there, so they decided to assemble it in this slaughterhouse.
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Girl reading with her pet deer in Beverly Hills, CA - 1927

(via my1930s)

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tom waits
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old satyricon . photographer unknown
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maya deren
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kingfisher clock
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June 1924. Washington, D.C. “Radio nut — this set with everything necessary for receiving music and speech by radio has been put into a coconut shell. It was built by H. Zamora, a native of Manila, Philippine Islands.”
(Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative. Shorpy Historical Photos)
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albino sea turtle

i think u mean soul of the ocean

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~    ~ Allen Ginsberg

Reggie Watts
Joel Barhamand
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Beth Van Hoesen (American, 1926-2010), Crater Lake, July 5, 1979, 1979, graphite and colored pencil on paper 
via Portland Art Museum
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Opaque  by  andbamnan